if i ever get married i want a disco wedding






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I dunno, i feel like fictionsexuality is viewed as a silly or dumb thing and i wish people wouldn’t do that. it’s taken me a long time of thought and consideration to figure out what i am, and being immediately shot down when i try to raise any awareness on the matter feels…. well, shitty. i do understand the common association, but come on guys, is me adding the word to a post here or there (or hell just adding comments in the tags) really so bad? Please do take the time to read this, it would really mean a lot to me.


Look, I get thinking a character is attractive or that you like their personality. But it is not a sexual or romantic orientation. I’m getting secondhand embarrassment from reading this post.



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Drive Recklessly - Video


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nintendo what the fuck

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Hey babe. You’re into bad boys, huh? Well I’ve got news for you, girl: all boys are bad, and I’m bad at being a boy, so we should totally make out and forget our birth names.
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Organise your bed, then your bedroom, then your apartment, then your apartment building, then your block.

We have to build friendship between neighbours. We have to start organising building dinners and movie screenings.

I remembered what one of the community leaders had said during the Zapatista organising school down in Chiapas, Mexico, when asked how in the world had they managed to build their own schools, sports teams, hospitals, cooperative businesses, clinics, judicial system and government. Which initiative did they start with? Was it the armed uprising? Or a school? Or a corner store?

The answer was far simpler: “We started with trust”.
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I cannot wait for those cisphobic, heterophobic asses to have kids.

and they end up having a straight cis male child


damn my child has fundamental human rights and is going to live a life free of oppression what a kick in the balls what a truly terrible thing 2 wish on someone

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then let me be the first to say it: back at it again at krispy kreme guy is the voice of a generation

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sports anime is one of the greatest forces of good in the world

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